About nstacom

Nstacom is a multi-purpose web application that integrates online and offline technologies (SMS, Webmail and Voice Call) on one platform.

The application was developed by Click Communications Limited in Ghana with the object of limiting the barriers of communications associated with existing messaging apps.

Nstacom is primarily a tool for mass communication. It is designed for everybody and any entity that engages with the public; ie businesses, churches, NGOs, Musicians, politicians, etc for marketing, educational and political campaigns.

The uniqueness of nstacom is that both users and non-users can engage in interactive communication and one can share any media across to bulk contacts.

It is user-friendly, secure and mobile responsive which gives users convenient messaging experience at the lowest cost ever.

There are three types of nstacom accounts; namely Personal, Business and District Accounts.

Nstacom Personal account is free and comes with some free credit to test the system. Business and District accounts come with a one-time set-up fee of Ghc500 and Ghc 3,000 yearly renewal fees respectively. The Business and District accounts users can access geographically compiled contacts which can be filtered by region, district, constituency, and electoral area for any target campaign activities.


Nstacom Self-Service

Nstacom is designed to give you the flexibility and convenience to choose which communication medium best fit your pocket and campaign strategy, and you can do almost everything by yourself on nstacom You can buy SMS, Webmail and Voice Call credit of any amount on nstacom through mobile money service. Nstacom is a web application with a mobile-responsive interface. The mobile application version will soon be available on google play store. In the meantime, you can download the nstacom android apk here. Note that since this apk is not on play store you may get feedback that the source of the apk is unknown or not verified and that it could be may be harmful to your device. Be assured that the apk is secure and safe and therefore you can proceed to download the nstacom android apk.

Account Registration

It’s simple and easy to create nstacom account in less than 3 minutes. You may skip the process and login into your dashboard after your verification code has gone through successfully. You must go to user profile update to complete the rest of your registration details to activate your account; else you cannot send messages. Note; provide your WhatsApp number when updating your profile to enable recipients of your messages to connect with you on WhatsApp.

Free Credit For Testing

You have free credit to send one SMS message, one Webmail Message, and one Voice Call message to test the system; and after which you must buy a credit of any amount to use the system to send messages

SMS Service

We provide the fastest, high delivery rate and cost-effective SMS service in Ghana. Our SMS credit is the lowest you can get on the market. We are opened for further reduction if you are sending large volumes of SMS. Our platform is unique because SMS sent from nstacom goes with a default web link which takes the recipient to a webpage to reply sender via WhatsApp; with an option to share the message on social media.


This service provides a greater opportunity to draft SMS notification message with the option to compose the main detailed message and attach any media file (audio, video or any word document) and send it. The SMS notification message goes to the target with a default web link to click to view the full message.
nstacom webmail uses the contact numbers of the recipients to send any media file. Recipients of nstacom webmail have the option to share the message on social media. Our webmail platform is the most convenient and cost-effective way to undertake any public campaigns. The recipient has the option to reply the sender via WhatsApp.

Voice Blast

We offer the best Voice Service at the cheapest price rate; with a high delivery rate. Our Voice platform is a two-way traffic; meaning when you send a voice call and the recipient misses the call and dials the 10 digits number, the audio message will play back. The system will send a repeat call to numbers that could not be reached at the first attempt. You can request dedicated 10 digits number which can be activated on your nstacom account to use as your call number. It comes with a minimal monthly rental fee to keep your dedicated number active. Contact us now if you need a dedicated number for your voice call campaign messages.