Nstacom Features

With nstacom you get more than you can expect from any SMS and Voice Call services.

Nstacom leverages on combined advantages of existing online and offline mobile communication technologies.

It also comes with other innovative features designed to address the limitations of existing messaging apps; this what makes nstacom unique and effective for bulk messaging.

The dashboard displays the total amount of credit available and the total amount bought. It also displays the total number of messages you have sent so far for SMS, Webmail and Voice Call. When you sign up as a new user you get free credits to send SMS, Webmail and Voice Call messages

This is where you update your account personal details including your geographic location details (option to select your Region, District, Constituency and Electoral Area). The system will restrict you from sending messaging if you have not provided your location details will make your account. You must also provide your WhatsApp contact to enable recipients of your SMS messages to contact you via WhatsApp.

The SMS messaging page provides an option to select contact groups or enter individual contacts (separate individual contacts by comma). You must enter the subject of the message and compose the main message and send it. The message is sent with a default web link with takes the receiver to the message dashboard.

The SMS messaging page provides the option to select contact groups or enter individual contacts (separate individual contacts by comma). You must enter the subject of the message, compose a notification message of not more than 240 characters, attach media if any, compose the main message and send the message. 


A notification message goes to the recipient with a default web link and a brief instruction to click on the link to view the full message on the message dashboard.

This platform like the SMS and Webmail comes with the option to upload the audio message, enter or select the contact group and send. It has two types of voice calls; namely one-way traffic call and two-way traffic call. With one-way traffic, if the recipient misses the call that is the end of the communication. However with the two-way traffic, when the recipient misses the call and dials the 10 digits number which called, the audio message replays to the hearing of the recipient. 


The two-way traffic voice call is a function of the Business and District Accounts. The personal account comes with one-way traffic. If yours is a personal account and you need the two-way traffic that can be configured for you at a little fee. The system after about 30 minutes automatically sends a repeated call to the contact numbers which were busy or switched off at the first attempt.


Note: Business and District Account users must contact us after signing up to configure their two-traffic sender number

This feature displays the list of contacts the message was sent to indicating the date and time, the response status of each contact with the option to search delivery reports by date

This feature provides a quick way to send a follow-up message to contacts of previously sent messages with an option to filter the contacts based on their response statuses and with an option to send SMS, Webmail or Voice Call follow up message.

nstacom has a database of contacts grouped under specific geographic locations. This facility is accessible to only Business and District account users who have the option to filter the contacts by region, district, and constituency, and electoral area, user can send campaigns to targeted locations. There is an option to specify the volume of contacts to send a message to out of the large number of contacts available for a particular location

Users can create contact groups and upload their contacts to those groups either by using an excel sheet for bulk contacts or by uploading the contacts individually.

This feature allows users to upload slider images which displays on the Recipient Message Dashboard. This is an innovative way for nstacom account users to promote their products and services. So in effect, you are not only sending just message to  your target audience but also a smart way of advertising to your audience.

This is where to buy SMS, Webmail and Voice Call credits at the lowest rate. We still offer a further reduction in our low credit unit prices if the user is sending over 3000 messages. Payment can be made online through Mobile Money. You may contact us to make the payment by direct cash, cheque or bank deposit and we will credit your account. Business and District accounts users can pay for their account subscription on our secure online payment platform.

This is customer service application that is linked to nstacom. This application app is yet to be activated. It is a platform designed for effective engagement between service providers and customers. Users on nstacom will not need to create a new account for ClientServicePlus to send their complaints or concerns to service providers as well as send complaints in their communities to District Assembly officials for feedback and track the status of their complaints.

Unlike other messaging platforms where all users of the application must have an account; nstacom is not so. Both users and non-account users can effectively engage in interactive communication. For example, you can only send WhatsApp or facebook messages to only those who have WhatsApp or Facebook account. Interestingly, nstacom users can send SMS, Webmail and Voice Call to none-nstacom users. This is because there is a default web link that accompanies all SMS notifications to the recipient to access the message dashboard for the full content of the message received without any restrictions.


The recipient can use the reply button to send a direct message to the sender with the option to attach any media. Again, the recipient can use the WhatsApp button to connect with the sender in real-time. The recipient can click on the like and dislike buttons. The Recipient Message Dashboard comes with options to share the message on social media.